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Since my cardiology appointment was at 2:15 this afternoon, I knew if I was going to walk, I needed to get it done this morning. It was cool and cloudy, and I was waiting to hear from the VA again, so I went down to the basement and did another ladder walk on the treadmill. … Continue reading GREAT NEWS


My cousin is doing much better. The plan on Friday had been for him to be discharged from the VA hospital today. The social worker had put in a claim for transportation to see if the VA would approve to pay for EMS to take him back to assisted living. If not, I would need … Continue reading WAITING


One of the first things I did this morning was call the VA about paying for dad's medical bills. Unlike yesterday, I spoke to the right person today. They are going to call the hospital to make sure they are sending the bill to the correct place, so I don't have to worry with that. … Continue reading PROGRESS