Last evening, I saw Tippy in the driveway, barking. I could tell there was something there that she wasn’t sure of by the way she was tentatively wagging her tail. I took the leash to go get her and see what it was that made her afraid. When I got far enough to see over the hill and see what it was, I had to laugh. It was the tree that I had rolled out of the driveway. From that angle, it does look like a land loving Nessie or some other monster. Don’t you agree?

Nessie in Tennessee?

I am taking care of my neighbor’s dog and puppies while they are out of town. Unfortunately, they had to go because her mom is having some really serious heart issues. Anyway, I am going down 3 times a day to let the mom dog, Esther, out for a little while, feeding her twice a day, and playing with the puppies, of course.

Esther sitting for a treat

I had planned to run for the mid-day doggie care visit, but I was feeling really tired this morning. I laid down for about 45 minutes at noon. I felt better when I got up, but decided to listen to what my body was telling me and opted to walk instead. So, I walked to their house, stopped and put Esther on a tie out so she could get some exercise and fresh air, and continued on to get in my first mile, 4.2 mph pace. I stopped to visit my mom and work on the jigsaw puzzle for over an hour, and then walked back to put Esther in the house with the puppies and then on home, where I did driveway laps to finish out the second mile. Coming back has more uphill areas, so the pace was a little slower, at 3.9 mph. Total for the day was 2.0 miles in 29:48 m:s, for a 4.0 mph pace.

This evening, my mom went with me for the doggie care visit. While Esther ate and spent some time outdoors, we played with the puppies. They are two weeks old today and have just opened their eyes…. for the 2 minutes they aren’t sleeping. LOL

Did you encounter any “monsters” or cuddle with any babies today?


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