I actually woke up before the alarm went off this morning. The fact that I had it set for 8:30 am might or might not have had something to do with that. 😆

I got out the door for my run at 9:50. It was a hazy 72°F (22.2°C) with 88% humidity. It really didn’t feel too bad, but I was once again drenched with sweat when I got done with my run.

After run selfie

The house in the background is where my mom lives and the house I grew up in. It’s an old farmhouse that my great grandfather built in the early 1900’s.

Today’s plan called for a short interval run…5 min in Zone 1, 5 min in Zone 2, 6 x (1.5 min Zone 5/2.5 min Zone 1), 5 min Zone 1. I manipulated the route today, by retracing my steps and thinking ahead as to how long it would take to get to a hill, so that the fast 1.5 minutes fell on the more level or downhill sections. I didn’t exactly sprint, but did run a pace that wouldn’t have been sustainable for much longer.

Rep 4 was the slowest, as it was the most uphill and I was just wanting them to be done. When I got to the last rep, I decided to see if I could make it the fastest, especially since it was on the easiest part of the route. I gave it my all. When my watched beeped to let me know it was time for the recovery, I looked and saw that I had misread/miscounted the reps. I still had another to go! 😮 Great! It’s so hard to keep going when you think you should be done, but you aren’t! I did the recovery back up the hill so that I could at least do the last one on the easier part or the route. I did my best to go faster, but I was already wiped out, mentally and physically.

Stats: Walked 1.0 mile in 15:20 minutes for a 3.9 mph pace. Ran 3.15 miles in 39:33 minutes for a 12:34 min/mile (4.8 mph) pace. Not bad considering I walked the entire recovery time. The paces for my Zone 5 runs were 8:45, 8:38, 9:36, 10:14, 8:48, and 9:13 min/mile. Of course, my HR never made it into Zone 5, but the effort was there. I did spend 25% of my time in Zone 3, 60% in Zone 2, and 10% in Zone 1. All in all, I was happy with today’s run.

I ran until I got to the 0.15 miles in memory of my husband, who passed away from brain cancer 15 years ago. I know he would be happy that I am taking care of myself and staying as healthy as possible.

The flowers that I took a picture of last week were so much prettier today. They have really bloomed out and is such a bright spot along the road.

When I finished, I stopped to talk to mom a few minutes. She was making blackberry jelly. She’s a busy little bee with her garden right now.

I haven’t really done much this afternoon. I felt the need to relax and not do anything that taxed my brain. So, I did laundry, paid some bills, walked to the mailbox, and made a couple of phone calls for mom.

Have you ever thought you were done with a workout/reps, only to realize you really weren’t?


  1. How awesome your mom lives in a family homestead sort of place. There’ve no doubt been a few changes to it since it was built.

    Nice picture of the flowers too…

    Good run efforts — I wish I could say I never thought I was done when I wasn’t. I think that’s part of the aversion to laps I have — a mental struggle I haven’t bothered working on! On the other hand, it’s not necessarily bad training or a waste of time to teach yourself to run even after pushing hard… it’ll keep your mind from associating The Push with The Finish.

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    1. All so true. It is nice that I got to grow up on the family homestead. The property where my house is was part of the original family farm.

      And, I did think about the fact that running when I thought I was done was probably good training for my brain.

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