My internet was going in and out last night, so I didn’t post my run. Just didn’t feel like dealing with it. 

I did my 11 mile long run on the road yesterday. I didn’t get out of the house until 8:10. It was 70°F with 94% humidity! At the end, Garmin says it was 82°F with 66% humidity. So, it was definitely a sweat fest again. I tried a timed run/walk of 90s/30s. I liked it, except that the runs inevitably fell on the worst uphill parts of my route. I did pretty well through mile 5, but started fading fast. I figured out later it was probably because of not fueling properly. I got stung on the chin around the 5 mile point too. I think it was a sweat bee that fell into my bra when I swatted it. So, had to stop to get it out of there!

I thought I might be in real trouble when I saw this guy staring at me. 😮

Black Vulture

I decided around the 7.75 mile point that I needed to get out of the sun, so stopped to let mom know to not expect to see me on the road again. I had faded fast, so walked most of the half mile home. Then, I finished the run, albeit very slowly, doing shortened driveway laps in the shade.

Things I learned from this run:
1) I like the run/walk for 90s/30s for long runs, but need to modify it so that I allow myself to walk up the steep hills.
2) Running on a freshly mowed hay field is not the best idea – was hoping I could use this as extra distance, but it was just too clumpy and unstable
3) Gatorade and tootsie rolls don’t sit well on my stomach
4) I need to do a much better job at fueling before, during, and after a long run
5) Running in a sports bra only on top is really much cooler, but probably won’t do that anytime soon, except on my driveway, like I did yesterday. I guess I joined the sport bra running club – does it count if you know no one is going to see you?

Stats:  Walked 1.0 mile in 17:04 minutes for a 3.5 mph pace.

Ran 11.00 miles in 2:34:11 h:mm:ss for a 14:01 min/mile (4.3 mph) pace.  My average HR was 138 bpm with a maximum of 166 bpm.  Elevation gained was 1.437 feet.  My splits for the first 7 miles were under 13:35 min/mile.  I was pleased with that.  The last 4 miles were between 14:51 and 15:52 min/mile. Not so pleased with that, but at least I didn’t give up and I got it done. I have only run 11 miles one other time in my life. That was, on June 13, 2020. I was 1:11 m:ss faster yesterday. I guess that is something, even though last year I ran the entire thing on my driveway, which is much hillier.

After I rested about 2 hours, I went down and helped mom do the trimming on her lawn. It was here that I figured out I hadn’t eaten enough. I just didn’t have the energy to do much. We stopped after 30 minutes to rest and cool off. I ate a big spoon of peanut butter. It didn’t help right away, but by the time we were done, I felt much better and actually had some energy.

While weed eating, I got stung by a yellow jacket on my calf, so that every step was painful after that. He got me at just the wrong spot, or the right one, depending on your perspective. It’s still swollen and painful today. 😦 My total exercise yesterday was 3:59:59 minutes and I burned 1,304 calories.

Here is the hay field I was hoping to run in. I have not given up. I am going to mow a lane with the lawn mower and mom and I are going to walk it as often as possible. So, hopefully, it will soon have a nice path worn down that is easy to run on.

Mom’s hay field

Today, I walked a mile on my driveway to keep the streak going, then I relaxed on the couch for a couple of hours.  Stats:  Walked 1.0 mile in 16:27 minutes for a 3.6 mph pace.

Next week is going to be hot and humid, even more so than this past week.  I have things I am doing early most days, so I foresee a lot of treadmill running in the near future.

I would love to hear any ideas on fueling. So far, I have tried M&Ms, gummy bears, tootsie rolls, and Gatorade during long runs. None of that sets well on my tummy. I think I’ll try Gu gel. I need to find something that works soon, since my HM is in September. I know Catrina makes her own electrolyte mix that I may try.

6 thoughts on “LESSONS LEARNED

  1. Good job on going so far! I am so sorry it didn’t go so well, though. I have to admit, I am the worst at fueling. When I do fuel though, I do not use the gels or goos. I like to use real food. On courses, I have had my family hand me over a banana. I like figs and can carry some of those, peanut butter single serving packets, or some energy bar that is pure food-based without preservatives. Great job again for going so far!

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    1. Thank you. I keep thinking that “real” food would be better, but I can’t seem to find anything that doesn’t upset my tummy when I’m running. I thought I might give the gels a try, just to see how it goes.

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      1. I like the gels way more than the goos. If you ever find any real food that works it may be easy for you to pick it up at your moms while on your run. I love that part of training. Working out all the details before the big day!

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        1. Thanks. I eat a banana before I run, but tend to wait about 30 – 45 minutes before starting my run. Not sure if that would set well during the run or not. I do like peanut butter. I guess I just need to try out some things and I don’t have to wait until my long runs to do so.

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  2. I’ve imagined vultures circling during some of my runs, but haven’t actually seen any… Wow, I hope you’re not the type to see signs in things… 😀 Nice pace, though — tough running conditions, especially if you’re unfuelled.

    I brought some honey-roasted peanuts on my run; I didn’t try the Gu. I broke them out toward the end when I was walking.

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