Mom and I went to town this morning for blood work I need before next week’s doctor’s appointment, shopping, and mom’s dentist appointment. I didn’t get home until 2:15 and I was soooo tired. I don’t know why going shopping always seems to wear me out. It started storming shortly after I got home, so I was really tempted to lay down and take a nap instead of going to the basement for a treadmill run. My excuse was going to be, “I could get hurt if the power goes out while I’m running on the treadmill.” Right? I suspect that would not be the case, but it sounded good in my head.

I did go on down and get it done. As is often the case, making up my mind to do it was the hardest part of the run.

Today’s plan called for a Tempo Run. I was supposed to do 5 min Zone 1, 5 min Zone 2, 15 min Zone 3, 5 min Zone 2, 5 min Zone 1. I did decide to walk some of it today. Mentally, I needed to do that. My legs were tight to begin with, but loosened up pretty good before I was done. I did a run/walk of 4/1 minutes, with the walk at 3.8 mph and the runs at 4.2/4.5, 3×5.0, 4.5, 4.2 mph. I did run the last 7:03 minutes with no walk break. It felt pretty easy. My HR didn’t get into the Zone 3 enough – only 5:38 min. I guess that means I could have run those segments a bit faster. After it was done, I was glad I ran, once again proving the adage “The only run you regret is the one you didn’t do.”

Stats: Walked 1.0 mile in 15:50 minutes for a 3.8 mph pace. Ran 2.75 miles in 37:03 minutes for a 13:28 min/mile (4.5 mph) pace. My average HR was 143 bpm with a max of 163 bpm.

I bought some Extreme Sport Beans and a sleeve of Honey Stingers today, just to try out – maybe on some of my shorter runs first, just in case they don’t sit well on my tummy. They didn’t have Gu at this particular store. Anyway, I was very surprised when I was “carded” at the cash register. Apparently, you have to be over 18 to buy the energy products. Is that a thing everywhere?

20 thoughts on “I WAS “CARDED”

  1. “Right? …it sounded good in my head.”
    When it comes to making up reasons to not run, they don’t have to make sense; they just have to convince you to not run 😀 Nice job conquering the Excuses Everest.

    Good pace for starting out after an 11-mile weekend — got that stiffness worked out. It really does seem like you have the pace for a 3-hour or less. Nice job.

    How weird to get carded for those things. That seems odd to me, but who knows. I just figure if it’s a government requirement, it won’t make sense. Obviously, running does you good: you clearly look young enough to be carded. 😉

    (Speaking of which, I’ve started noticing around here signs saying they’ll ID anyone who looks 50 or younger… I mean, WTF?)

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    1. Thanks. Overcoming the Excuses Everest was a big win. Since I still have over a month before the HM, I’m thinking I’ll be able to make it in 3 hours or less. Fingers crossed.

      I thought it was weird to be carded for those too. Humm. I would think some folks would be offended if asked for an ID and they were only 30. It’s hard to judge ages, I think. Especially since I have gotten older. Everyone either looks like they are in their 20’s or 80’s. There seems to be no in-between. LOL

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      1. Well, some folks are offended over not getting ID’d… so who knows. Given my position on how much I think the Government should be involved in our lives, I find it annoying to be ID’d. Especially when it’s something like a big sharpie pen. I didn’t realize there was an age limit… what’s next? You going to make sure I’m in the age group it says on the Lego box?

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          1. No, not being facetious; I couldn’t figure out why I had to have some pissant Wal-Mart employee allow me to buy a big sharpie pen. Utterly inconceivable on one hand — and completely government on the other.

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              1. No — the drone at the self-checkout is only taught to push This Button when That Prompt happens. They don’t set the policy, they just have to put up with assholes like me when the policy is implemented and they’re there in the crossfire, shoot-the-messenger situation.

                I absolutely HATE Wal-Mart. I refused to shop there when there were other options (the town I grew up in, there weren’t options). This was, unfortunately, in that town when this happened.

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                  1. It was a similar situation. Wal-Mart may have a company-wide policy to satisfy a few local ordinances. Who knows, really. When I saw yours was at WM, too… well, I figured that made it make more sense. Not really, but I understood.

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  2. Making up our minds can definitely sometimes be the hardest part of a run! Well done for getting it done!
    It’s amazing how much better we feel after a run. I always tell myself that the hour will pass anyway if I run or not. But I will feel better if I run!

    Personally, I try to stay away from energy bars unless I do something that is longer than 2 hours. Way too much sugar and carbs for me. But definitely a good idea to try it out before your race!

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