Today is my Grand Niece’s 2nd birthday. They had her party yesterday, so I had to try to figure out how to get my long run in for the week. I seriously considered putting it off to today, until I realized that would mean I would miss my monthly mileage goal for July by four tenths of a mile. I couldn’t let that happen, now could I?

I planned to get up at 6 so I could get out of the house by 7. As is often the case, I hit the snooze way too many times and didn’t get up until 6:45. I did manage to get out the door around 8:15. The temperature was great at 68°F (20°C), but the humidity was horrible at 94%!. It didn’t feel too bad, but boy was it another sweat fest.

This week was a cut back week, so my plan called for 8 miles, easy pace. I did a run/walk session, but didn’t time the run/walks like I tried to do last week. Instead, I concentrated on keeping my HR below 153 bpm by walking up the steeper parts of the hills and walking other times as needed. That seemed to work better for me.

The run itself was pretty good. I tried out the Honey Stinger Chews. I only ate two of them…the first at around mile 4 and the other around mile 6. I like the taste and consistency and they didn’t hurt my stomach as I have heard some people say they do them. They must have given me sufficient fuel, because I felt a whole lot better after the run than I did last week. Of course, I ran 3 more miles last week, but I had started fading fast around mile 6. I didn’t have that feeling this week.

I was running by one of my neighbor’s houses when I heard a rustling in the bushes by the road and saw a white streak headed toward me out of the corner of my eye. They have a dog that does not like me, but I hadn’t seen it in a while and it usually barks as soon as it sees me. There was no barking, but you never know. I was startled and jumped sideways, almost twisting my knee. Fortunately, it was just Elsa…a different neighbor’s dog that stays at this house a lot and just wants to be petted. She followed me for about 2 miles before breaking off and heading home.

Elsa waiting for me to catch up.

Looking at this picture, that hill looks really steep and long. No wonder I walk up most of it. 😆

Due to being slow and having time constraints, I gave myself permission to cut the run short, if it was taking too long. I wound up running the end of mile 7 and mile 8 on the driveway, so that I would be in the shade and be at home when I finished, saving the time it would take to walk home after I was done.

Tippy and I felt the same about the heat and humidity. She was patiently waiting for me to finish so she could get inside for to air conditioning.

It was hot and humid!

Saturday Stats: Walked 1.0 mile in 16:02 minutes for a 3.7 mph pace. Ran 8.0 miles in 1:44:45 h:mm:ss for a 13:06 min/mile (4.6 mph) pace. Elevation gained was 731 feet. My average HR was 144 with a maximum of 163 bpm. I was happy with the consistency of my splits for the first 7 miles. They ranged from 12:50 min/mile to 13:05 min/mile. Mile 8 was a different story. I thought I was running it at about the same pace, but it took me 14:01 min. Oh well.

I was a little bit upset with my Garmin when I looked at my stats. I had set up my personalized zones a few months back. For some reason, I’m sure it was an update, they were reset to Garmin’s Zones. That means they aren’t directly comparable to my recent runs. 😦 The one that made the biggest difference yesterday was Zone 3. My Zone 3 starts at 153 bpm. Theirs starts at 150. Since my goal was to keep it under 153, I would be able to quickly tell how well I did by seeing how long I was in Zone 3. I wish they would alert you to these things before you run. I’ll have to figure out how to reset them.

I didn’t finish my run when I had hoped, so was about 30 minutes late. It really didn’t matter, because we were going to be early anyway, to spend time with the kids before everyone arrived for the party. The party was fun with a Mini Mouse theme. One lesson you may want to take from it is that you should never have black icing on cake and give it to a two year old.

Black icing + 2 year old = a very messy face

She wasn’t even eating it. Just liked the way it felt, I guess, and was using her fingers and the back of her arm to smear it all over her face and in her hair! 😆

Today was a rest day, so I did my mile walk to keep the streak going between church and lunch with mom. It was really humid – Garmin says 94%. It sprinkled rain before I got done and came a down pour about 5 minutes later. I guess that was pretty good timing.

Stats: Walked 1.0 mile in 17:37 minutes for a 3.4 mph pace. My streak is at 201 days, with a one day pause.

My goals for July were to run 70 miles, walk 31 miles, and continue my streak. I met all three: Ran 77.6 miles, walked 31 miles, and didn’t miss a day of exercise. That is the highest monthly mileage I have ever ran! Happy for a PB.

My HM is getting closer and closer, Sept 18, and I’m getting more and more nervous. I guess it’s time to make hotel reservations. I’ll put that on my to-do list for this week.

How far in advance do you make reservations for a hotel if you are doing a destination race? I’m sure I’m behind the 8 ball on this one.

8 thoughts on “LONG RUN & REST DAY

  1. Tippy looks as if she’s asking you, “Why do I have to suffer for your cause?”

    My kid brother — when he was a baby — took a couple of mini Oreos and managed to get chocolate all over everything… I think kiddo saliva has duplicative properties.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done on your long run and your July stats, Vicky!
    Your HM is coming up really fast. If you keep up your training in August you will be perfectly ready for it.
    Also, it’s great that you do your training outdoors, despite the humidity. It’s so important, also for our mental health.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on meeting your Monthly goal.

    Humidity is the worst. Definitely should walk up those hills. I always feel that miles on the legs are the best prep for a long race. Not pace.

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  4. That is one messy cake! I can’t imagine how long it took to get all the black off – but it looks like she was definitely enjoying her birthday so that is awesome!
    Great job on your long run and meeting your monthly goals! I have not been able to run any more than 7 miles in a day and usually just stick to 5 and I take weekends off. The humidity! It is just too much and I feel awful in it. I can’t wait for fall and cooler running temps!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They used paper towels and got most of the icing off and then let her play in the water outside. That got most of it off. LOL She was definitely enjoying her day.

      Fall temperatures and lower humidity are going to be so nice. I’m hoping for great weather for the HM so that it won’t feel so hard.

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