I ran this morning, but not as early as I had planned. I thought it was going to be better weather. The temps were better with 65°F (18.3°C) when I started out at 9:20 am, but the humidity was high again at 83% according to Garmin. I don’t trust Garmin’s weather today though. It has the exact same thing for my warm up walk, run, and cool down walk. I know it warmed up about 5 degrees while I was running, according to my thermometer. Garmin said it was 70°F and 83% humidity the entire time. I doubt that.

Anyway, today was a 40 min Tempo run…5 min Zone 1, 5 min Zone 2, 20 min Zone 3, 5 min Zone 2, 5 min Zone 1. It took a bit for my legs to loosen up, but once they did, it felt pretty good. I didn’t get my HR into Zone 3 as much as I was supposed to. I felt like I was running at a pretty “hard” pace for me, but my HR didn’t agree, I guess. I was happy with my splits: 12:54, 11:42, 11:40, and 12:54. I estimated from the graphs that I ran 1.77 miles during the tempo portion, with an average pace of 11:17 min/mile. That’s pretty good for me.

I finished the run at mom’s and went in to talk to her for a few minutes. I was dripping with sweat, literally. I leaned over with my arms on my knees and could hear the sweat hitting my running skirt…drip, drip, drip…just like a leaky faucet. HAHA Does anyone else sweat that much?

Stats: Walked 1.0 mile in 15:13 minutes for a 3.9 mph pace. Ran 3.30 miles in 40:08 minutes for a 12:10 min/mile (4.9 mph) pace. Elevation gain was 216 feet. My average HR was 146 bpm, with a max of 162 bpm. Times in zones were: Z1-2:35 min, Z2-26:01 min, and Z3-10:46 min. I was pleased with this run.

I went to the doctor today for my annual checkup. He was impressed with my blood work results and found nothing to be concerned about. I don’t need to go back to him for a year, unless I get sick, of course. I was pretty happy that he said over all my blood work was better than any he has seen in at least 2 years (I am assuming for any age group) and that my HDL is the highest that he has ever seen. It is 121 mg/dL. It has always been pretty high, but is steadily increasing due to running. My LDL has also decreased over the last 2 years from 128 mg/dL to 76mg/dL. I take these levels to be evidence that running is good for the heart and gives me added motivation to keep it up.

He was also impressed that I am training for a HM and told everyone in the office (staff) that I was. I may have influenced his intern to start running. 🙂 We talked about it a little and I suggested she read 80/20 running and give it a go. What really made her think about it was when she found out that I didn’t start running until I a few years ago…it’s not something I grew up doing.

I did some shopping and then, after I got home, went out and mowed my yard for 2 hours. I got plenty of exercise today.


  1. Wow, nice job. I’m betting getting good numbers from the doc is awesomely motivating and validating.

    I hope you did influence the intern to start running. I, too, started seriously running later in life and not when I was young. It’s always easier to stay in shape than it to get into shape.

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