I am behind once again on my posting. Mostly because time seems to be getting away from me lately. I think I will have plenty of time to get things done and then, all of a sudden, the day is gone with very little being accomplished. I am trying to not be on the computer late at night, so if I don’t get my post done before 9 pm, it probably won’t happen. But then, when I don’t post for a couple of days, I know it is going to take longer to catch up, so put it off another day, and then it will take longer. It’s a vicious cycle.

Wednesday: I took the day off work so I could get some stuff done around the house. I didn’t really get started with “chores” until almost 11:00. The first thing on my list was to make persimmon pudding with the persimmon’s I had picked last week. I started trying to get the pulp out by hand, but it was going to take forever to get two cups that way. I borrowed mom’s sieve, and that was a life/time saver. I thought about going for a run while it cooked, but after I got the kitchen cleaned up, I didn’t have time.

I think there was a typo in the recipe that I used. It said to bake at 400°F (204.4°C) for 50 minutes. It got really brown/black on top quickly. I took it out after 35-40 minutes and this is what it looked like.

I looked at other recipes and they said to bake at 300°F (148.9°C) or 325°F (162.8°C) for 50-55 minutes. So, I really think that is what the temperature should have been. Fortunately, it didn’t taste burnt. It tasted surprisingly good, much better than it looks. I would make it again, or try another recipe. I do have about 1/3 of the persimmons left, so I might make one that takes half the pulp that this one did. I liked this recipe because it used the least amount of sugar – only 1/2 cup.

I went out and cleaned the gutters and got the leaves off of the porches while the pudding cooled a bit. Then, I took it down to mom’s for us to taste test together. She really liked it too.

When I got home, I went out to get my run in before getting ready for church. It was supposed to be a 25 min Foundation Run – easy pace – HR below 152 bpm. I ran driveway laps based on feel. I did run the entire time with no walk breaks, meaning that I ran up my nemesis hill 4 times! It really wasn’t that hard. I think it is just more of a mental need to walk it than it is physical, especially on shorter runs.

Stats: Leaves: 1:05:36 h:m:s. Avg HR – 111 Max HR – 162

Walked 1.0 mile total for warm up and cool down in 16:41 minutes for a 3.6 mph pace. Ran 2.0 miles in 27:28 minutes for a 14:53 min/mile (4.3 mph) pace. Avg HR – 152 Max HR – 165. It was slower than a turtle, but I still count it as a win for no walk breaks and, my average HR was at my max target.

I was scheduled to start work at 7:30 on Thursday, so I didn’t take the time to post after getting back from church. It really didn’t help with sleep, since I still didn’t go to bed until after midnight. I’ll get there.

It is now 9:05 pm on Friday night, so, keeping with my new goal of getting off of the computer by 9 pm, I’m going to quit there and will pick up with Thursday when I post next – hopefully tomorrow.


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