I think I am getting lazy. I felt a lot better today, but just wasn’t in the mood for a run. I guess one more day of “rest” isn’t going to hurt anything.

I did a walk on the treadmill between church and lunch. Stats: Walked 1.0 mile in 15:24 minutes for a 3.9 mph pace. Avg HR – 95 bpm Max HR – 104 bpm. I only burned 48 calories! I considered walking 2 miles, but needed to do my back exercises, which take about 15 minutes, so didn’t have time for that. The exercises are getting easier, except for the superman. Well, it was easier yesterday, but today I almost didn’t do it because the first try hurt my back. Even though it feels okay right now, in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have done that particular exercise today. After all, it’s supposed to be helping, not hurting.

I went to mom’s for lunch. Afterwards, she wanted me to stay and work on a jigsaw puzzle she had started last week. She had gotten the side pieces together. It was only 300 pieces, so, two hours later, we were done. It was fun to get it complete in one day, but I think I prefer slightly harder ones.


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