I had planned to get the leaves off of my porches and mow my lawn today. But, it was cool and they were calling for windy weather, so I was okay with the fact that the director of the daycare texted, needing me to work. I agreed to go in and work form 10 – 3:00. One of the teachers in the 2-3 year old classroom was sick, so I was filling in for her. Nothing significant happened that I can recall. Those kids are just very energetic. I’m glad it was warm enough for us to take them to the playground to run off some of their wiggles.

I got home at 3:45, changed clothes and went down for a run on the treadmill. I knew if I didn’t start then, I would talk myself out of it. I was supposed to do a speed play run, but since I didn’t run much next week and my voice is still a little hoarse, I decided to do an easy 30 minutes instead. I ran for 4/1 minutes at 5.0/4.5 mph. It worked well to just slow down, but keep on running, instead of walking those minutes. It felt pretty easy, but it did make my back tighten up. I’ll be glad when that quits. Stats: Walked 1.0 mile total for warm up and cool down in 15:50 minutes for a 3.8 mph pace. Ran 2.50 miles in 30:45 minutes for a 12:18 min/mile (4.9 mph) pace. Avg HR – 153 bpm Max HR – 165 bpm My HR was a bit higher than it should have been for a foundation run, but it was below 153 for the first half (barely) so I just kept the same pace when it started going up. I was pleased with the results and that it wasn’t a struggle fest.


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