It has been over a week since I posted, partly because of life and partly because of computer issues. I had to take my computer in to the repair shop because I couldn’t get it to update windows and things were beginning to not work well. They had to take all of my data off and re-install Windows, so I am having to try to get back on all of my sites. Unfortunately, it still isn’t working like it should. I can’t get to any site unless I am on Microsoft Edge….Chrome and Firefox aren’t working. Looks like I may have to break down and buy a new computer.

I tried to write this blog last night, but after I accidently erased a paragraph, it wouldn’t let me type anymore. I gave up and tried again tonight. It is magically working, for now.

My back was doing good until I cleaned the gutters and raked leaves last Wednesday. When I finished, I was so excited that my back was feeling great. No twinges. That all changed when I bent over to tie my shoes before heading to church, about 2 hours later. I got a catch in it when trying to straighten back up that was pretty bad. The rest of the night, if I moved wrong, it hurt. I iced it with hopes that was all it needed. But, when I got out of bed Thursday morning, I could barely straighten up and every step hurt for a couple of hours. It got better as the day went on and was good by the time I saw the chiropractor. I discussed it with him and he said it was the raking that did it – anything that is basically a weighted pendulum is hard on the back (vacuuming, weed eating, raking, etc.). I did do my back exercises while I was there and had no pain. But, it started hurting on the way home and Friday and Saturday morning were worse than Thursday. It did get better during the day, but I could tell it wasn’t as good as it should be so didn’t do my back exercises. I was dreading getting out of bed yesterday morning, but, to my pleasant surprise, I was able to stand up with zero pain! Yeah! It was good all day, but still didn’t do my back exercises. Today, it was good again so, after my walk, I did the exercises. None of them hurt, but I can now feel the tightness getting worse. I’ll ice it and keep my fingers crossed that I’ll be okay in the morning. I do see the chiropractor at 9 am tomorrow, so we’ll see what he has to say about it all.

Since the last blog, I only ran once – Monday the 15th. That day I did a treadmill interval run of 4/1 minutes at 5.0/4.5 mph. It felt fairly easy. Stats: Ran 2.50 miles in 30:45 minutes for a 12:18 min/mile (4.9 mph) pace. Avg HR – 153 Max HR – 165

I have kept up my streak with walks, both on the treadmill and a couple on the driveway.

Other than that, I’ve been working and trying to keep moving. I’ll be so glad when my back is back to normal.


9 thoughts on “QUICK CHECK-IN

    1. Thanks.

      Hahaha It’s really frustrating. I think a new computer is in order after the first of the year. I can’t get any browser to work except Microsoft Edge. I don’t have the time or the energy to deal with finding a new one right now. Any suggestions? I don’t do gaming, so wouldn’t really need one that is good for that.

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      1. No, I don’t really have any suggestions. Unless you have some really specific requirement (like gaming or development), just about anything you’ll find in your price range (whatever that is) will be decent for browsing, word processing, whatever. Sink your money in as much RAM and storage space as you can afford.

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        1. Thanks. I’ll do that. The place that works on my computer told me the last time I was in there that they have “deals” with some of the computer suppliers, if I buy it through them and then they will support it…included in the price. Not sure for how long though.


  1. Sorry to hear your back is still giving you problems – that must be challenging for you! And computer troubles – goodness! That must really be frustrating. I am glad you managed to get this post done eventually!

    Hoping you have a better week ahead!

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