It’s been five days since my last post… I wrote that I felt like I was confessing to a priest. 😆 Anyway, there hasn’t been a lot of interesting stuff going on, especially on the exercise realm. I’m mostly walking and doing what I can do that doesn’t aggravate my back again. I’m really ready for it to be back to some sort of normal.

I did see the chiropractor on Tuesday. He was a little concerned that my back had been so bad over the weekend, but said I had done the right thing by walking and not doing the strengthening exercises. He adjusted me instead of changing up my exercises. I see him again this Tuesday.

My brother hosted the family Thanksgiving, on Wednesday evening. They recently moved and bought a new couch. That is the most uncomfortable couch I think I have ever sat on. It’s cushiony, but the seat is too wide or something. You can’t sit on it and put your back against the back of the couch for support. You almost have to slump if you sit on it. I knew my back was NOT going to be happy about that, but didn’t have much choice. I was pleasantly surprised that it was just a little tight on Thursday morning, but no real pain. I did use that as an excuse to not run that day though. 😉

I had some persimmons left, so looked up a different persimmon pudding recipe to try. I thought I would only have 1 cup of pulp, but wound up with 2 cups again. I merged a couple of recipes. This one doesn’t have as many spices and you can taste the persimmons, which I like. I baked it at 325°F, which is what the other one should have been, I’m sure. Below is a comparison of how they look. I’m really surprised the first one didn’t taste burnt.

I did get in a short run on the treadmill yesterday, just to see how it felt. I could feel my back tightening up, but no pain. I did the strengthening exercises afterwards. The bird dog pose “hurt” my back, so I will probably either stop it for the time being or do it fewer times for a shorter duration. The superman pose hurts it too. I told the chiropractor that and he told me to hold off on doing it until I got stronger.

Stats: Walked 1.0 mile in 15:49 minutes for a 3.8 mph pace. Ran 1.0 mile in 13:21 minutes for a 4.5 mph pace. Avg HR – 133 bpm Max HR – 155 bpm I only burned 140 calories total! I really need to be able to run more so my waistline doesn’t increase. This is the worst time of the year to be “injured” since food is overly abundant.

My back has been okay today. I was planning to go for another run, but after doing some things around the house this morning and taking the trash off, I was completely wiped out. Not sure why since I got 8 hours sleep last night. I decided to listen to my body and lounged on the couch for a couple of hours. I had hoped to nap, but never did. When I got up, I was still tired. I did go out and walk driveway laps, to keep the streak going. Stats: Walked 1.0 mile in 16:22 minutes for a 3.7 mph pace. Avg HR – 145 bpm Max HR – 156 bpm I did some stretches and strengthening exercises after I finished. I tried the bird dog pose. It didn’t hurt today, so went ahead and did it too. Couldn’t even begin to do the superman though.

I’m taking care of my neighbor’s chickens and ducks while they are visiting family for three weeks. Week one is over. Fortunately, it is easy. Just have to go down and open up the coop in the morning, make sure they have food and water, and close them up at night. I have to wait until after 6 pm or those silly ducks aren’t in yet. One day last week it was dark and raining, so I went 15 minutes early. They were still out, getting a last minute snack before going to bed. I can’t get mad at them for that, since I do the same thing sometimes. I do get the bonus of keeping the eggs the chickens lay. They are so much better than the ones you buy at the store. They have one chicken that lays green eggs. I think that is so cool. The colored ones look blue in the picture, but I assure you they are green. (It’s weird that in the picture on my phone they are green, but when it transferred to my computer, they are blue.)

Fresh eggs

16 thoughts on “DOING WHAT I CAN

            1. Yeah. He told me to use ice for now because it was swollen and inflamed. Heat would have made that worse, even though the thoughts of putting ice on it in the winter is not as near as appealing as the heating pad is. 😆

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  1. Success: the pudding looks less like chocolate cake! 😀 Any idea what makes a chicken lay a different colored egg? And if you have green eggs, Sam I am…. ?

    Keep taking it easy on the back… I think losing sleep sometimes accumulates, so even if you get a good amount of sleep once in three days, you’re still tired. I don’t know; I’m making stuff up now.

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    1. The pudding more successful. The typo on the heat really made a difference.

      I think it is the breed of chicken that lays colored eggs. It can’t be food, because they all eat the same thing. I haven’t found any of the eggs yet, but I seem to recall they have gotten pinkish and blue one’s too.

      Hahaha about “making stuff up.” That reminded me of the cute commercial where the lady is “taking care of” a restaurant patron that had something happen to them and she says, ” Good news. Her kidneys are still beating.” or something like that.

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      1. Four out of five dentists agree: Trident assumes beating kidney is better than non-beating kidneys. You’d probably be a fool to listen to the dissenting dentist.

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  2. Goodness! I hope your visit to the chiropractor goes well tomorrow. It’s terrible to have this persistent problem, and one’s back affects just everything!

    Your persimmon pudding sounds rather delicious! When I had to rescue persimmons last season, I made a sort of banana bread but with the persimmon instead of banana. I think it would be drier than what you made but very similar. I also put walnuts in mine because I like nuts & the extra protein.

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    1. I put pecans in mine. It is basically a fruit bread. Not quite sure why they call it “pudding.” Chiropractor visit went okay. I think the back is getting there…it just still gets angry every now and again.


      1. Yum – I love pecans! they are so expensive in Singapore so we use them sparingly. We have access to reasonably price walnuts so we use those in most of our baking, if nuts are called for.

        I think it might be an English convention – any sweet, or dessert is called “pudding”.

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