Sorry I’m not posting everyday lately. I’m still having back issues, so figure you all don’t want to read my sob stories every day. 😆 I was released by the chiropractor on Tuesday and then had a horrible episode on Wednesday night, worse than when it all started. All I did was sit on the arm of the chair in the living room. When I tried to stand up, I couldn’t without intense pain. Once I got up, I could walk and it eased off, unless I bent over at all. It was better on Thursday morning, but not well. I called the chiropractor on Thursday. He said it shouldn’t be doing that at this point and if it does it again anytime soon that I need to get some imaging done to see if there is something else going on. So far it has been okay. Well, until tonight when I sat on the arm of the couch. The pain wasn’t as bad when standing, but it was worse than it has been all day. I was on the phone with mom, and she said that I need to quit sitting on the arm of the furniture.

I have continued to walk every day and have added in a few intervals of running the last couple of days, to see how it felt. It is fine when running, so I will probably try to run a bit more next week, if I have time. Lack of exercise and stress eating are not doing me any favors.

I will post when I get a chance but know that I will not be able to post every day for at least the rest of this month. There is just a lot going on with work, Christmas, and the first anniversary of my dad’s death. I’m trying to make my mental and physical health a priority. I’ll try to do better in the new year. Can’t believe I’m saying that already. How can 2021 be over already?!

I hope you are all doing well and have a happy holiday season.


12 thoughts on “STILL HERE

  1. Get well and take care of yourself. Maybe stop sitting on the arm of the furniture — “mother knows best” is an aphorism for a reason. Get through the holidays…

    We’ll be around when you get back to the blog.

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  2. Thinking of you through this season – it is challenging with so much going on. Hope your pain is manageable.

    Hoping for you a better start to 2022! Sending along lots of positive thoughts & energy!

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