Who knew that my resolve to continue my exercise streak would be tested so soon? The day after I wrote my last post, I was scheduled to work at the daycare from 12-5. My plan had been to get up, have breakfast, and then do a short run on the treadmill before heading out. I was on schedule until my stepdaughter called as I was getting ready to change into my running clothes. We wound up talking for 45 minutes, so no time for a before work workout.

Mom’s church started their Wednesday night Bible studies again, so, after work I had 20 minutes at home before heading out again. We didn’t get home until after 7:30. I was tired and really just wanted to sit and veg in front of the TV, but I managed to muster up enough energy to go down for a quick mile walk on the treadmill.

The next day, Thursday, mom had a doctor’s appointment, and we did our shopping, so I was gone most of the day again. We did get home in time for me to do my walk on the driveway. I’m glad I did because I got to see my resident red fox as it crossed in front of me, running away from Tippy who came by soon after. When Tippy came back, she was wet, so I am convinced that the way the fox throws her off of its trail is by getting in the little stream that runs through my property.

Friday, I played tennis in the morning and then worked at daycare until 5. The kids were crazy wild for some reason. It wasn’t a full moon, so I am blaming the impending weather system that came through. I had planned to do my back exercises while the kids napped, but they were already awake when I got there, so that didn’t happen. I did another treadmill walk when I got home. I didn’t do my back exercises simply because I was tired and didn’t want to take the time to do them.

I had intended to run Saturday but got caught up in doing some chores and lost track of time. I had told mom I’d be at her house at 4:30 to eat some strawberry skillet pie when it came out of the oven. Best thing ever. Anyway, I was planning to go to my neighbor’s beforehand to give him a batch of Oreo Balls he had requested me to make. I didn’t get down to exercise until after 2:30, so decided on a walk only and my back exercises. About the time I got done, I got a text from my neighbor that he was just going to meet me at mom’s. She had invited him to have some pie too. So, I would have had time for a run, but since I was already done with the walk, I just didn’t get back on the treadmill. I guess I would call that lazy.

We had a little snow and cold temperatures Saturday night, so mom and I decided the roads, and my driveway, were too slick to drive into town. I know those of you who live where there is a lot of snow would laugh at that, but we just don’t get a lot of snow and ice here and people don’t know how to drive in it. It really is dangerous out there.

I did decide to do a run while I listened to the live stream of the church sermon. That worked out really well. I ran/walked for 4/1 minutes at 4.5/3.8 mph. It was good to run and felt pretty easy, considering that this is only the 4th time I have run this month. Stats: Walked 1.0 mile in 15:49 minutes at a 3.8 mph pace. Ran 2.50 miles in 34:18 minutes for an average pace of 13:43 min/mile (4.4 mph). Avg HR – 138 Max HR – 159. I was in Zone 2 for 87% of the run.

It snowed again last night, and the temperatures never got above 25°F (-3.9°C) that I saw today. We had about 3 inches on the ground. I did venture outside this afternoon to check my driveway; in case I need to get out. There are still spots that are still covered and probably will be slick in the morning with the cold temperatures, but I could get out if I have to. I just don’t plan to until Wednesday. I also ventured over into my neighbor’s field to get a picture of his pond with the snow-covered trees reflecting in the water. It’s my favorite place to take a picture when there is snow.

I went to the basement and did a mile walk on the treadmill and my back exercises. I think the exercises are really helping the pain level. I guess I should have been listening to everyone and doing some strengthening and core work all along. I just never thought I had the time. Turns out I was “sort of” right on that because I don’t always have the extra 30 minutes it takes to do them, so I cut my workout short to accommodate.

10 thoughts on “TESTING MY RESOLVE

  1. Well, you know how chores always get in the way of the things you want to do… Doing the run during church live stream might work: exercise your mind and body?

    That pond would be an oft-visited location for me too. That snow looks thick and fluffy.

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      1. Snow here is usually transitory as well… if it sticks around for a couple of days, it’s pretty detrimental since the city uses a solar-powered snow removal system.

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          1. Sure, it’s understandable there.

            There used to be great snow removal here in the Springs, but several years ago a measure to raise taxes failed and since then… I won’t go so far as to say it was retaliatory on purpose. But I also won’t say I would be surprised if it were.

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              1. Exactly. It’s as if after thousands of years, politicians haven’t learned that being utterly contemptibly selfish wastes of flesh isn’t the way it’s supposed to go.

                I hold everyone who campaigns for a political office as suspicious: those who most desire authority and control are the ones who should least have it.

                Whoa, went for a ride on a hobby horse there for a few minutes. O_o

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  2. I like the idea of doing the run while listening to a live stream. I think it makes sense to take it slow. I procrastinate on strength training as well. It helps to break it up into 10 minute chunks and add those in whenever I can. Glad to see your post!

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