After I took the walk in the snow yesterday, I remember saying to myself, “I’m really tired all of a sudden.” I wondered why, but didn’t think anything of it so went ahead and did the treadmill walk. Later in the evening I started feeling a little feverish, so took my temperature and it was slightly elevated. It topped out at 100°F and was back to normal this morning, but I felt tired.

I went down and did a mile walk on the treadmill early, well at 10:15. 😆

Since I work at daycare and one of the teachers I had been around last week had tested positive for Covid, I decided to see if I could find someplace to get tested today. I made several phone calls and web searches, but didn’t have any luck. I had decided to wait until Thursday and go to the Health Department when they have nurses there that will do the swab for you. I don’t think I could do that to myself.

I remembered that another teacher I had been in the classroom with was not there on Friday because she was sick. I texted the administrative assistant at daycare to see if that teacher had been tested for Covid. Yes, and she is positive too. Since I had the fever and a runny nose and sore throat for the last couple of days, I assumed I had it again, but wanted to get tested. Turns out the director of the daycare was at the building today and had some rapid tests available, so I went in and had her do the swab for me. Drumroll not necessary. I am positive. I’m sure mom has it too, as she has the same symptoms, but a little more severe. She isn’t going to get tested though.

Turns out that 6 of the 14 staff members at daycare have tested positive within the last week and 4 others are having symptoms and are getting tested. Of the 4 that aren’t sick, one of them just had Covid about 3 weeks ago, one of the others had their booster shot about a month ago, and another had Covid 3 months ago. Not sure about the other one. Needless to say, the daycare is closed all this week and may have to be closed most of next week too. It’s crazy how contagious it is and apparently the vaccine won’t keep you from getting it. I guess mom and I were a day late and a dollar short when it came to getting our booster. Since we just had it on Thursday, I’m hoping it isn’t going to make the symptoms worse than they would have been.

As of now, I’m feeling good. I am hoping I’ll continue to feel well enough to at least walk a mile a day. I also hope you all stay safe and somehow manage to avoid this virus.


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