I don’t know if you recall or not, but when I had my computer worked on the last time, I lost the data out of my running/exercise spreadsheet. I wasn’t ever able to recover it, so I have been working on re-entering the data from my exercise journal. I finished that yesterday. So, now I am able to see how I did for the year and how it compared to the two previous years that I have kept data. Before 2019, I was pretty sporadic in my exercise regimen. Not that I’m not still sporadic, but it’s better than it was, and I do at least keep track. 😆

I don’t think I did too bad in 2021, considering I had open heart surgery in January and have had back issues since October. I’m actually pretty pleased that total mileage exceeded the other two years.

2021 Ran: 353.47 miles Walked: 444.77 miles Total: 798.24 miles

2020 Ran: 534.44 miles Walked: 206.82 miles Total: 741.26 miles

2019 Ran:270.92 miles Walked: 233.03 miles Total:503.95 miles

Mom and I are still doing good and seem to be on the upside of this round of Covid. Omicron, if that is what we have, doesn’t seem to have as severe of symptoms as the first round, but I do think it is a lot more contagious.

I have been more tired than usual, so have walked a mile on the treadmill the last couple of days. I had intended to go further today, but once I got on the treadmill, I changed my mind. I’m not sure if I am really fatigued due to Covid, or if I am using that as an excuse to be lazy. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell and may be a little of both.

Do you keep a spreadsheet/record of your exercise? If so, I’d be interested to know what types of data you capture.


    1. Thank you. I’ve never tried Strava, but know a lot of people who do. I’ll look into it and see what typed of data it records. I only do time and distances on my spreadsheet, but am thinking about adding in the temp and humidity, maybe HR. I guess my Garmin probably keeps track of all of those things too. I just like to have it all on a sheet of paper in front of me. I guess I’m too old school. LOL


    1. I haven’t been keeping track of total times, but I do track weekly time and distance separate for running, walking, and other activities, like tennis, mowing, sawing wood, etc. One week in October I had over 9 hours of “other” activities.

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