Friday, I felt good enough to tackle some phone calls and paperwork that I needed to do for my cousin that is in Assisted Living. Those things are never easy and always take way more time than anticipated, so I have to be in the right mood, or I just get frustrated and irritated. Unfortunately, there are deadlines, and I certainly don’t want to do anything that would cause him to lose his benefits and not be able to stay there anymore. So, I buckled down and got that done. I still need to make another call to a different organization, but I hope it won’t be as complicated.

After I finished, I walked to the mailbox and then did a 2 mile walk on the treadmill. It was just too cold for me to walk outside.

Yesterday I had planned to get in a run, but I cleaned some of the house and vacuumed, which took more out of me than expected. My heart surgeon had said vacuuming is really hard on you and, I believe it. LOL

It had warmed up above freezing, so I wrapped up and took Tippy for a walk down to get the mail. It wasn’t horrible, so I came in, changed shoes, and went back out to do a mile walk on the driveway. I had on so many clothes, I was sweating when I finished. I’m glad I did it outside because I needed that cold sunshine and fresh air.

Mom’s oven is in the fritz. Originally, we had planned for me to go down and see if I could see what was wrong early this morning so she could cook lunch for us. But when we got up and saw it was only 16°F (-17.2°C) we decided to just fend for ourselves for lunch and I’d go down after it warmed up for a look and a visit. (I did offer to cook up here, in case you were wondering, but she decided no.)

I was glad because that allowed me to do my exercise this morning while I watched the livestream of the church service. I walked the half mile warm up and then started my run. I did a run/walk of 4/1 minutes at 4.6/3.8 mph. I had intended to run for 30 minutes, but I cut that short as my body was telling me I was pushing it a bit too hard. I did make up the difference by walking a full mile for my cool down. I did all of my back exercises afterwards.

Stats: Walked 1.50 miles in 23:43 minutes for a 3.8 mph pace. Ran 2.0 miles in 27:00 minutes for a 13:30 min/mile (4.4 mph) average pace. Average HR – 138 bpm Max HR – 160 bpm That 160 bpm was basically a glitch as I was only in Zone 3 for 10 seconds. I spent 23:17 minutes in Zone 2 and 2:48 minutes in Zone 1. I’ll take that.

I did go down and was able to ascertain that the heating element in the oven was out again. It just went out last year sometime. I’m glad it is something easy that I know how to fix. We just have to wait a couple of days to get the part.

While at mom’s we finished another jigsaw puzzle that she had been working on. It was 500 pieces, so didn’t take too long to get it finished. We’re keeping the brain working. We started a 1,000 piece one before I left.

13 thoughts on “FEELING BETTER

  1. Well done on keeping active! Nice work with the Zone 2 running.

    So good that the oven is an easy fix! I bet your mom was happy to hear that.
    Do you know where that photo of the puzzle is from? It looks like Italy to me.

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    1. Well, the oven wasn’t as easy as I thought. Just replacing the unit didn’t fix it. I think the wire going to one of the connections got fried too, so I am going to get that part today and replace it. Fingers crossed that is all it needs.

      I don’t know where the puzzle picture was from. And, she has already given it to a neighbor, so I can’t check. It was a very pretty scene though.

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        1. Thanks. I still didn’t get it fixed today. I think the wire/connector in the back may have burned out. I tried to change it today, but no luck. I’m going to get a better part tomorrow, I hope, and put it on. If it still doesn’t work, it is probably a dud replacement part and I’ll take it back and get another. Glad mom can get by without the oven for a few days.


    1. Thank you for dropping by. I did have my open-heart surgery on January 8 of last year, 2020. I was only in the hospital for 3 days, and I contribute that a lot to being in good shape going into it and being blessed by God.

      I haven’t been posting as much lately due to time constraints and I was having back issues. I am going to try to give an update this week, as I saw a new orthopedic doctor, one that runs, and got much better news.

      I look forward to getting to know you better. I’ll check out your blog too.


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