A lot has happened since I last checked in. I have continued my walking/exercise streak but haven’t run as much as I would have liked.

I did get a second opinion on my back the first of February. The two couldn’t be more opposite. I had explained to the nurse why I was there and felt like I needed a second opinion, so I’m sure she told the doctor I didn’t like the original diagnosis. Anyway, he came in and said, “So, you have a slight curvature of your spine.” He proceeded to tell me that he sees no reason that I shouldn’t run and doesn’t see any signs that it will get significantly worse. He thinks I’ve probably had it since I was a teen, but no one found it. He said he basically has the same thing and runs 3 times a week, walks with his wife a lot and plays tennis a couple of times a week. He said the worst thing I could do for my back would be to decrease my activity level and gain weight.

I have been having some issue that I think may be heart related. Sometimes it feels like my heart is beating out of my chest. Sometimes I feel like it is racing or I’m having palpitations. I purchased one of those kardiaMobile devices last week but haven’t been able to capture anything out of the ordinary. I saw my cardiologist this past Thursday. I was afraid to bring up the device, no knowing how he felt about them. He actually told me that I might should consider getting one, so I told him I had it. LOL Just to be on the safe side, I am going to wear a Holter Monitor for two weeks to see if it captures anything out of the ordinary. I get it put on this coming Thursday.

The other thing with my heart is that my diastolic blood pressure number has been running way too high. I saw my primary care physician in mid-February, and he doubled one of my blood pressure pills. It is still too high, so the cardiologist added a diuretic to try to get it down. It’s only been two days, but it is still running close to or above 90. I’m just going to keep track of it and let the cardiologist know if it remains high.

I had my year follow-up with the surgeon last week. He said everything from the surgical side looks good. The CT scan I had the week before looked good. I will see him again in a year and if everything still looks good probably won’t have to go back to him unless something else happens.

Since getting the better diagnosis from the ortho, I have tried to get more activities in, but have found it hard to start running consistently again. I did a few “wuns” – walks with a little bit of running thrown in just for fun. That seemed to help me do more and realize that running wasn’t too bad. I ran three times this week. Wednesday’s run was one of those when you feel great the entire time. My speed was faster than I felt like I was putting the effort in for, and I was excited to be running. Then yesterday and today I had scrappy (slow and crappy) runs. My legs were fine, and my HR stayed fairly low, but I felt like I wasn’t getting enough oxygen and huffing and puffing as if I had been sprinting the entire time. I’m hoping the next run will prove to be better.

I guess those are the highlights of the last month and a half. I’ll try, as I have in the past, to post more often. Now that it is getting warmer, and I’ll be running outside more, I hope there will be more things of interest to talk about. Speaking of which, on my run today I got tickled at a cow and her calf. They were walking with what seemed like a purpose and then they both suddenly stopped at the same time and stared me down as I ran out the road.

11 thoughts on “A LOT HAS HAPPENED

  1. “My legs were fine, and my HR stayed fairly low, but I felt like I wasn’t getting enough oxygen and huffing and puffing as if I had been sprinting the entire time.”


    I find it weird when a doc says, “… I have the same thing, basically” as if that’s proof of anything. I’m not suggesting they’re all degenerate shysters, but we put a lot of faith in medical personnel in this country; and in so many ways they seem to be making it up as they go, like the rest of us adults (but charging our insurance so much more! 😀 )

    I like the cows: “What is this crazy human doing? However did they wind up at the top of the food chain?”

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    1. I don’t think I was dehydrated. I’ve been drinking lots of water and my pee is very pale. I don’t know. If it continues to happen, I guess I’ll bring it up. It was funny though, after I ran and walked home, I took my blood pressure as soon as I sat down. It was the lowest that it was all day. Several years ago, I had a treadmill stress test and my BP went down when I stood up and started walking. They said I was dehydrated and made me come back another day. Maybe my blood pressure is going down when it should be going up. Who knows.

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