It was a really nice day today, so, even though I was still feeling pretty exhausted, I made myself go out and do a short run on the road after church. It was 48°F (8.9°C), sunny, with a slight breeze. I had told mom I would end at her house for lunch, so I was on a schedule. In order to make it on time, I only walked a quarter of a mile for warm up and cool down. I did walk quickly on my way home, after lunch, so that half mile would count too.

I ran an easy pace, by feel. It really felt pretty nice to be out on the road again. My back did start feeling a bit tight at around the half mile point, but I kept going and it started to feel better as I went. I picked up the pace a little for the last two tenths of a mile. It felt pretty easy still, but I was on a level/downhill portion of my route. Still, I was pleased with the results.

Stats: Walked a total of 1.0 mile in 15:19 minutes for a 3.9 mph pace. Ran 2.0 miles in 24:13 minutes for a 12:16 min/mile (4.9 mph) pace. Avg HR – 148 bpm Max HR – 166 bpm I was in zone 3 for 25% and zone 2 for 72% of the run, so that was pretty good. I was only above 162 bpm for 16 seconds. The last two tenths I ran at 10:09 min/mile pace.

On our way to church this morning, mom and I saw 5 or 6 deer on a hill near my house. One of them was black! I had never seen one before. I googled it and it is called a melanistic deer. They are pretty rare.

My back is a little tight tonight, but I think it is more due to the fact that I lounged on the couch for 4 hours this afternoon, watching movies, than it is from the run. That is not a good thing to do when the back isn’t happy.


7 thoughts on “SUNDAY RUN

  1. Interesting find with the deer. I can’t say I’ve ever seen one here.
    Seems you’re on a good path — take it slow and easy and you’ll be cranking out the miles again in no time.

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    1. It’s annoying, for sure. Just never sure what to expect when I stand up. It is getting better. I’m just hoping I didn’t overdo it today with cleaning gutters and blowing leaves with a leaf blower for over an hour.


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